Member: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The DEFT Learning Academy is accredited by the National Tutoring Association (NTA) as an Academic Coaching and Training Centre.

​​Parents! Are you concerned about the amount of core Math and English your child will miss for a second consecutive academic year as a result of uncertainty?  Register now for our grade-level curricula-aligned Math and English programs.

​DEFT Learning Academy remains operational with strictly-modified protocols, one-on--one Video Tutoring (VT) sessions, and access to our online program in response to COVID-19, per ongoing communiqués to DEFT families.

Unlike franchised Math & Reading Center programs, DEFT Learning Academy offers K-12grade level -aligned programs and assessments that are relevant - and which improve student skills in Math and English Language.

DEFT Learning Academy Math students continue to lead in the area of mathematics by studying with the internationally-acclaimed Singapore Math system.  The recent article about the effectiveness of Singapore Math is here:



Singapore Math




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Math and English Language Excellence

Standardized Test Prep

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Looking for a way to provide tutoring support to your son or daughter in Math or English Language Arts (Grammar, vocabulary and spelling, Reading Comprehension, and/or writing)?


Does your child need tutoring in Ottawa? 

DEFT Learning Academy is a local after-school supportive learning centre. We offer supplemental enrichment and remedial education programs in Math and English Language Arts. Our programs are designed for students in Grades 1 to 12 who want to catch up, maintain, or move ahead. We also deliver Standardized Test Preparation courses.

Students in the Math and English Language Arts programs begin with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to determine their ​optimal starting point. Programs are then tailored to fit the student's individual academic needs.

Getting better and stronger in school leads to improved grades. It can also increase self-confidence in and out of the classroom, and open more doors to opportunities beyond Secondary school.

​Refer to Our Programs to learn more about our programs and services, or to book an assessment, please Contact Us today. Click here to download our brochure.

deft (definition):  skillful, clever, adept, quick-thinking:

Our goal is to develop these attributes in our students - to create DEFT Scholars.

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Progress to success

ElevateD confidence and self-esteem 

An academic environment that fosters self-learning