Member: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The DEFT Learning Academy is accredited by the National Tutoring Association (NTA) as an Academic Coaching and Training Centre.

​​Parents! Are you concerned about the amount of core Math and English your child has missed during the past school year ... and what it might mean for the next academic year?  Register now for our grade-level aligned programs.

​DEFT Learning Academy will remain operational with strictly-modified protocols, one-on--one Video Tutoring (VT) sessions, and access to our online program in response to COVID-19, per ongoing communiqués to DEFT families.

Unlike franchised Math & Reading Center programs, DEFT Learning Academy offers K-12grade level -aligned programs and assessments that are relevant - and which improve student skills in Math and English Language.

DEFT Learning Academy Math students continue to lead in the area of mathematics by studying with the internationally-acclaimed Singapore Math system.  The recent article is here:



Singapore Math




What every education program should offer your child!

Math and English Language Excellence

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Looking for a way to provide tutoring support to your son or daughter in Math or English Language Arts (Grammar, vocabulary and spelling, Reading Comprehension, and/or writing)?


Does your child need tutoring in Ottawa? 

DEFT Learning Academy is a local after-school supportive learning centre. We offer supplemental enrichment and remedial education programs in Math and English Language Arts. Our programs are designed for students in Grades 1 to 12 who want to catch up, maintain, or move ahead. We also deliver Standardized Test Preparation courses.

Students in the Math and English Language Arts programs begin with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to determine their ​optimal starting point. Programs are then tailored to fit the student's individual academic needs.

Getting better and stronger in school leads to improved grades. It can also increase self-confidence in and out of the classroom, and open more doors to opportunities beyond Secondary school.

​Refer to Our Programs to learn more about our programs and services, or to book an assessment, please Contact Us today. Click here to download our brochure.

deft (definition):  skillful, clever, adept, quick-thinking:

Our goal is to develop these attributes in our students - to create DEFT Scholars.

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Progress to success

ElevateD confidence and self-esteem 

An academic environment that fosters self-learning