About Learning: What is Learning?  Why do we engage in a learning activity?  How does learning occur?  This web page - and associated pages - explores learning ... and the process of how learning occurs.

No one seriously sets out to not succeed in any endeavor; students are no different in their academic endeavors.  Therefore, in fulfilling our mandate to deliver enrichment academic programs that prepare students - young and old alike - to excel in their peer group, it is first necessary to understand fundamentally how learning occurs, what precipitates it, the conditions that need to exist in order to facilitate and support it, and so on.

So, what is this thing we refer to as 'Learning', anyway?  Learning is often referred to in an almost-esoteric context ... as if it's something abstract.  Why do we do it?  And, how do we actually 'learn'?

The middle question (of why we do it) might be the easiest - and most difficult, at the same time - question to answer.  We learn for a variety of reasons; because a parent or guardian say we need to, for professional reasons, as a past-time or hobby endeavor might dictate ...  and for a variety of other reasons.  We also sub-consciously learn things as we go through life.

What is 'Learning'? Simply put, learning is a reference to how we process (and ultimately assimilate ... to the point of understanding) what we perceive.  The 'Learning: What Is It?' page (under development) offers a summary of what learning is, and how it's defined by educators.

How do we learn? How we learn has been the focus of much research - by a broad spectrum of medical/neurological, educational, and other specialists - for a very long time, and the Cycle of Learning is individual to each and every one of us.  The 'How We Learn' web page (under development) offers current research information about quadrant-defined brain-based learning.