The DEFT Learning Academy offers a proven path to academic excellence.  After having previously operated a franchised 'Math & Reading' Center for almost a decade, I've learned over the DEFT years why the franchised programs did very little to help students achieve any sustained level of academic success.  A number of reasons account for this. The DEFT Learning Academy programs were developed in direct response to my concerns about the many inadequacies of previously-administered (franchised) 'Math & Reading' programs. Many students come to DEFT after having been registered at a franchised Math & Reading Center for many years without acquiring any demonstrable proficiency in mathematics or the English language.

This web page - and its associated pages - are devoted to providing information that our student families might find helpful in working with us to nurture academic excellence in their children ... our students.

The content of these pages will be updated from time to time.

About Learning: What is Learning?  Why do we engage in this activity?  How does learning occur? The About Learning web page explores learning ... and the process of how it happens.

About Dyscalculia: Dyscalculia is a specific learning disability in math. Children with the condition referred to as 'Dyscalculia' may have difficulty understanding number-related concepts, or using symbols or functions that are required to achieve a level of success in mathematics. Detailed information about Dyscalculia - including what the condition is, common signs and symptoms of Dyscalculia, other learning and attention considerations that can accompany Dyscalculia, possible causes of Dyscalculia, how Dyscalculia is diagnosed, how professionals can help students with Dyscalculia, and how a parent can help a child with Dyscalculia - may be found on our 'About Dyscalculia' page.  A thorough discussion about Dyscalculia may be accessed here.

About Dysgraphia: Dysgraphia is a brain-related condition that manifests itself - often in children who are learning to write - in a challenge with written expression. Detailed information about Dysgraphia - including what the condition is, common causes and symptoms of Dysgraphia, what skills are affected by Dysgraphia, how Dysgraphia is diagnosed, other conditions related to Dysgraphia, how professionals can help students with Dysgraphia, and techniques that may be used in a home environment to support a student with Dysgraphia - may be found on our 'About Dysgraphia' page.  A thorough discussion about Dysgraphia may be accessed here.