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For more information about the ACT and/or SAT standardized exams, or to register for any of the standardized exam preparatory courses offered by the DEFT Learning Academy in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario, please contact us by Email, telephone [(613) 491-3338], or via the Contact Form below.

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DEFT Learning Academy is pleased to offer preparatory courses for a variety of standardized tests. This includes the Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) and Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT),

Why is taking a standardized test prep course important?

There are a number of substantive answers to this question, including:

- Through the process, the student experiences the rigors - including time management - associated with writing a standardized test.

- The student has an opportunity to experience the level and calibre of difficulty of the material that comprises the standardized test.

- Feedback offered to the student enables her/him to assess areas of strength and identify areas of opportunity for improvement. - The student has an opportunity to benefit from the guidance offered by an educator throughout the preparation process.

Standardized Test Prep - CAT (IB) in Ottawa

The DEFT Learning Academy Math and English Language programs have been designed to foster excellence in our students' standardized test results.