In addition to 100% alignment with Ontario math curricula, the DEFT Learning Academy Math program features Singapore Math to foster math excellence in our students.

Singapore Math

What is the Singapore Math® Approach?

The Singapore Math® Approach is the methodology by which students are able to develop critical thinking and mathematical mastery.

Why is the Singapore Math® Approach important?

A critical thinking approach in math is important since it acknowledges the fact that society increasingly rewards individuals not for what they know, but for how they're able to use and leverage what they do know to solve real-world (practical) problems.

Without ignoring the compelling reasons for why math fluency – such as memorization of basic math facts, including elements such as memorization of the multiplication tables – is important, it is also of greater value for students to be able to solve math problems, and not focus on rudimentary rote arithmetic.

How students benefit from the Singapore Math® Approach

Singapore Math relies heavily on developing a deep understanding of number sense, conceptual understanding of mathematical operations, and problem solving. This means that students learn not only how long division (for example) works, but why it works.

Singapore students demonstrate outstanding math achievement in international studies, such as those administered by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), including the Trends in International Math & Science Study (TIMSS) benchmark, which is administered every four years. The TIMSS report is based on an achievement test which is administered to students in Grade 4 and Grade 8, and which is widely recognized by policymakers and educators worldwide.  An excerpt from the 2015 TIMSS study results is available here - for Grade 4 Math, and here - for Grade 8 Math.  Refer to the following Internet link for details of the ​2015 TIMSS & PIRLS results

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